Mount Lookout

Front Porch


Two words; Curb Appeal

In partnership with a local architect, The English Contractor made this home the shining star of this Mount Lookout, Cincinnati neighborhood. The addition of a new front porch made this home look like new. Now that our team has completed this detailed project, the homeowner can’t imagine the home without it. We can’t either. A project that takes an already charming home and elevates the curb appeal? That’s our favorite kind.


Welcome Home

First impressions are everything. And this new porch adds a stately entryway to this classic brick home. The slate covered flooring is both elegant and durable, creating quite a welcome for these proud homeowners.


Fine Detail

The crowning glory of this new front porch is the beadboard ceiling, crafted and stained to compliment the existing front door. This fine detail is exquisite, to say the least, adding to the overall polish of the spectacular home.

A huge thank you to Craig Russell and his crew for helping with a very last minute project at our house after we had moved to Chicago! After hiring Craig for a variety of other projects–both big and small–over the years, we knew without a doubt we could trust Craig and his crew to get the job done–completely stress-free!
— Meghan Mills