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Home Tips: Getting Ready for Spring

A few short months ago, we shared tips on preparing your home for the cold, wind, snow and ice of the winter season. Now that temperatures have begun to warm, it is time for you to give your home another inspection. Take advantage of warmer weather to get outside and see home your home has fared. These are easy tips that you can do yourself to help take care of your largest investment—your home.

Take A Walk.

Before you stroll your neighborhood, take a walk around your own home. Keep an eye out for damage from ice and storms to see where winter has taken its toll. Your visual inspection should include:

  • The roof: look for loose shingles and nail pops.

  • The chimney: check the joints between the stones. Missing joints or vegetation growing between joints can signal that water is an issue.

  • Exterior walls: Look for water stains near gutters. Check wood siding for any rotting or damaged areas.

  • Foundation: Look for cracks and water damage.

  • Windows: Check weather stripping and caulking to maintain a tight seal.

Are you noticing areas of concern? It might be time to call in your local roofer, mason or a foundation expert.

Spring Checklist.

Your spring checklist includes more than just cleaning. Before we transition into a sweltering summer, there are a few items you should check off your home care list:

  • Schedule seasonal HVAC maintenance. Make sure your system is system is running efficiently and is ready to go for air conditioning season.

  • Reseal exterior woodwork. Do you have a wood deck, fencing or outdoor structures like a pergola or trellis? They will last much longer if they are protected from the elements. Spring is a good time to touch up paint or stain and reseal. While you’re at it, you can check for any rotted or damaged wood that might need to be replaced.

  • Clean gutters. Are you ready for April showers? Sure, they bring May flowers, but you want to make sure that water is able to run away from your house. Make sure your gutters are free from leaves and debris.

  • Inspect your irrigation. Run through each zones manually to make sure none of the heads or lines have been damaged. Adjust heads that are spraying the house, sidewalks or porches to avoid damage and wasting water.

  • Check your screens. If you like to open up the windows as the weather warms, you’ll want to make sure your screens are intact. You can call a professional to fix damaged screens or pick up a screen repair kit at your local hardware store.

  • Check your alarms. If you didn’t check your fire and carbon monoxide alarms when our clocks sprung forward, take the time to do it now. Make sure they are working, connect to power and have batteries.

As a custom home builder and bespoke remodeler, we know the investment of time and money that goes into building your home. Your home is really no different than your body. It requires regular checkups and care to live a long and healthy life. With some regular maintenance and a bit of vigilance, you can ward off any major problems by taking care of smaller issues along the way.