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A Family-Friendly Home Addition

Remember our bathroom remodel with the beautiful blue accent tile with walls painted a serene blue to match? Our work with this homeowner went far beyond a bathroom renovation. These clients also worked with The English Contractor team to turn their existing family room into a new dining room. And then we added a completely new addition to the home to create a beautiful space for this family to spend time together.


And who wouldn’t want to spend time here? The kitchen now opens up to the family room, with a bar that not only provides a great space for a quick breakfast but also is the perfect serving spot for drinks and snacks when entertaining. A natural extension of the kitchen, we know this family room will be the place to be during a party.


 This addition is large enough to accommodate a comfortable seating area. New windows, from the Marvin Integrity line, offer plenty of natural light, but as evening approaches, the room is illuminated by recessed lighting. The space was completed with French doors, also from Marvin Integrity, provided, along with the windows, by Marsh Building Products


 Our carpenters outdid themselves with the beautiful fireplace surround, offering niches for family photos, books and accessories, as well as pull out drawers for some extra storage. What’s more, these built ins offer extra seating, too, with window seats that offer a cozy nook to sit with a book.


 A gas fireplace provides both atmosphere and warmth. This beautiful focal piece is accented by stone and a stained wood mantle. The English Contractor team completed this space with gorgeous wood flooring, stained to match the mantle. 

The special details our team added to the space are almost too many to count. Are you looking to add some upgrades to your home? Give us a call and let’s talk.

The English Contractor is a Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor
New Marvin.jpg

Did you know that The English Contractor is a Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor? We’re proud of our relationship with Marvin and to install their windows and doors in so many of our projects—as well as in our own homes.

We’ve been installing Marvin windows and doors for years, so it’s a product line we’ve come to really know and trust. True, there are lots of contractors or builders can install your windows and doors. The English Contractor team, however, goes the extra mile to receive additional training and education about the products we really believe in. We never stop learning or getting better—and we never want to—so we can deliver meticulously well-crafted whole home renovations and new builds with the best possible products around, time after time. 


In addition to being well-built, durable and energy efficient, Marvin products are a thing of beauty. When evaluating new products to use in our clients’ home renovations and new builds, we look for a company with staying power. Marvin is a family-owned company that has been in business for over a hundred years—and counting. They stand behind their products, and so do we, from the selection through to the installation and beyond.


 Every home renovation project is unique. If your home renovation includes new windows, we’ll help guide you through what can seem like a complicated process. Marvin windows are available in both full-frame replacement and insert replacement versions. With availability in custom sizes and the Marvin guarantee of quality, leading technology and lasting dependability, we know that no matter your style or the scope of your project, Marvin has an option that will work in your home.

 Of course, if the scope of your project is just to replace your windows and doors without a full scale renovation, we’ll give you the same guidance, customer service, attention to detail as we would on a whole home renovation, taking into account your home’s esthetic, the intricacies of installation and budget. With any project, we treat your home like we would our own.

 Are you ready to renovate?

Is it time to replace your windows and doors?

Do you want to learn more about our partnership with Marvin?  

Bringing the Best of the Inside to the Great Outdoors

You may have fallen in love with the whimsical bathroom that we just shared, a beautiful melding of modern aesthetic with the historic bones of an older home. We loved working on this project, in part, because it was such a fun challenge. But we have a special place in our heart for these homeowners, who called us back into work on this space a year after we completed another project for them: an outdoor room.



This project began as a concrete slab. And while that makes a fine place for holding a barbeque grill and maybe a table and some chairs, at the end of the day, it’s just a concrete slab. These homeowners wanted to extend their living space and transform it into an outdoor room, complete with all of the comforts of the indoors. 

Porch 00008.jpg

A roof both adds protection from the elements, but also makes this space look like a natural extension of the house. To us, that’s a barometer of a project well done—one that, once it is complete, you can’t imagine what the house looked like without it. 

Porch 00009.jpg

 But it wasn’t enough to add just a roof and screens. The tile flooring is both durable and stylish. A gas fireplace with wall mounted television above it gives another taste of the indoors. 

Porch 00011.jpg

The grill still has a place in this space, with an inviting table nearby. Add some good friends and you have an instant party, all in one space.

Porch 00007.jpg

See more of this beautiful space and hear more about the specifics of this project from The English Contractor himself, Craig Russell. 

Do you have an outdoor space that could use some attention? Are you imagining an outdoor room all your own? Give us a call today.