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A Custom Kitchen With A Place for Everything

There are lots of options to think about when preparing for a kitchen remodel: appliances, countertops, lighting and flooring. These are the big picture items that make up the total aesthetic of your remodeled space. 


But another aspect to consider when preparing to renovate your kitchen: functionality and organization. 

And while we love Marie Kondo and the idea that every object has its place, we take it a bit further when helping our clients plan a kitchen renovation by considering mis-en-place.

Mis-en-place is a French culinary term. It literally means “put in place” and is a term that chefs use to have everything at hand to prepare a meal before the cooking begins. In a commercial kitchen, where hundreds of meals must be prepared quickly with streamlined efficiency, without sacrificing flavor or appearance, mis-en-place ensures that the chef has everything prepared and within easy reach.

The basic concept of mis-en-place is that planning, preparation and organization ahead of time results in a better finished product. To make that concept a reality at the dinner table, The English Contractor worked with these homeowners to create a kitchen that is a model of efficiency and functionality.  Kitchens are in our wheelhouse for sure—but not just designing cabinetry on the outside, but also what they will look like as well as what they will hold on the inside. We go beyond the hailed work triangle to really think about every inch of functionality within the kitchen.

On the surface, you can see that these homeowners wanted a kitchen that was an elegant extension of the house and a model of efficiency. Designed to allow easy access to the primary dining area and the family room, this kitchen allows multiple people to work while still having access to the action in the rest of the house, ideal for family dinner and entertaining larger parties. 

That’s not where it stops. This room has been transformed into a chef’s kitchen with tools and ingredients close at hand, without sacrificing design or style.


Between two SubZero refrigerators, both beautifully concealed with antique white wood panels, lives a custom-made appliance garage, with the drawer microwave located conveniently below.


No more searching in a deep, dark pantry for ingredients. This narrow cabinet was created to keep everything in view, making the most of this corner of the kitchen.


But not everything in this kitchen was designed to be immediately visible. Electrical outlets were placed underneath the upper cabinetry, out of view so as to not disrupt the tile backsplash.


The dishwasher was given a custom-made wooden panel to look like drawers to balance with the drawers at the other end of the cabinet run. Now you see it, now you don’t. The only downside of this symmetrical design is that the children in the household have a valid excuse for not loading the dishwasher if they can’t find it. 


In addition to offering abundant storage and counter space, the center island also houses a Wolf warming drawer, to make every day cooking and more formal entertaining a breeze. 


From continues to follow function in this remodeled kitchen. The Wolf range is surrounded by all the necessary cooking and meal preparation supplies, neatly organized so beautifully in drawers that each one is a work of art in itself. From spices to cooking tools, each drawer is customized to both organize and display its contents. 


Peg organizers in deep drawers give the homeowners a way to store dishes that keeps them well organized and close at hand. In every inch of this space, these clients have maximized storage space. Upper cabinetry allows some storage, but also glass doored shelves allow for display of decorative items.


Stylish organized continues in the adjacent dining area with coordinating custom cabinetry. 


This panoramic view of the kitchen highlights the gorgeous cabinetry in antique white and stained cherry finishes. Looks beautiful, doesn’t it?  The kitchen is the heart of the home. But now you know hidden behind those beautiful cabinets are the organizational bells and whistles that make this space a workhorse, too. 

Are you ready to add custom organization to your kitchen?

Give us a call.

Are You Ready to Renovate?

Your home is likely your biggest investment. And it’s not a one-time cost, either. It’s one that requires maintenance and upkeep as well. As a homeowner, this is an exciting time. Inspiration and ideas exist every step of the way, thanks websites like Pinterest and Houzz and networks like HGTV and DIY. 

 We’re inundated with step-by-step demonstrations of home improvement projects. We’re taking it all in, right along with you. We take learning about the latest trends one step further, as we partner with different suppliers to continue our education on best practices for products and installation throughout the home. Our certifications and training help us provide you with a renovation that is managed efficiently with masterful craftsmanship and expertise. We’re respectful of our clients’ budgets, too, and are skilled at providing advice on when to splurge and where to save. 

 However, there are some costs that are unavoidable when planning a home renovation. In fact, it is more expensive to remodel an existing home then it is to build one new. A home remodel goes beyond picking out appliances and final finishes. We love showing off our latest projects. Gorgeous millwork. Shiny new appliances. Beautiful, custom details. But what these photos don’t show is all the behind-the-scenes work. There are other important cost considerations when planning a remodel or renovation of any size and scope. Read on to see if you’re ready for a major renovation in your home.

Demolition Day!

Pick your favorite home improvement show, and they all have a fun montage of demolition scenes. Most major home remodeling projects require some type of demolition, from flooring and cabinetry to walls and ceilings. It may seem like any homeowner can just take a sledge hammer to their space to save costs. Yet this stage isn’t quite the fun and games we see on TV. Demolition has to be done skillfully and carefully to avoid damage, which can add up to substantial costs.

Coping with Construction.

We’re neat freaks by nature, and even as hard as we try, the job site can be messy. And noisy. Any major renovation comes with some disruption to your daily routine. Projects can be completed more quickly in a new build than in an occupied home. We work hard to take the steps to minimize the disruption to your life, taking the time to clean up each day when our work is done. However, dust, tools and disruption of water and electrical service are all to be expected with any major renovation.

Demo Detective Work.

We’re home contractors. We’re remodeling experts. But did you know we’re also detectives. We have a pretty good idea what’s behind your walls, but the only way to know for sure is to carefully do a little demo. Cost and approach of a project sometimes has to be modified while we’re in process, depending on what surprises are lurking behind your walls, floors and ceilings. We’ll keep you apprised every step of the way to manage this process, but discoveries beneath the surface can add to the total cost of a project. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 7.37.07 AM.png

Behind the Scenes.

A kitchen or bathroom renovation often requires just as much behind the scenes as it does for the final finishes. Pipes and wires are what keep these spaces running. It is much easier to plumb or wire a new build before the drywall has been added. Changes to plumbing, electric, or HVAC in an existing home are slightly more complicated and require a bit more in terms of budget.

Balancing Act.

A home renovation is one-part construction and one-part logistics. Especially when you consider the scale of projects like a full kitchen remodel or a new addition, there are many moving parts and pieces, including different specialized trades people who have specific tasks to perform at precise times during the project timeline. In addition, projects require the incredible amounts of products, from the behind-the-scenes elements for electricity, plumbing and structure of the project, as well as appliances, fixtures and all the finishing touches. Sourcing all of these products includes soliciting pricing, communications to confirm product type and coordination of delivery. On top of all of that is project oversight and price management. The project managers at The English Contractors are skilled at taking care of these logistics behind the scene. They make it look easy, but many of our clients are surprised to learn that a remodel of an existing kitchen takes just about as much time and energy as totally building a new home. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 9.49.12 AM.png

Let’s Get Started.

Are you ready to renovate? Reach out to the team at The English Contractor and we’ll partner with you to walk you through the process of what these details will look like in your own home. Each and every project is different. Our team will provide you with the guidance you need to add custom details that will truly make your home your own. Contact us today.

Small Space, Big Impact

This hall bathroom has been totally transformed. Take a look at these pictures and you’ll be sure to agree that neutrals and subtle details can really pack a punch.  Talk about the art of subtlety! 


We love how all of the neutral colors combine to create a relaxing and stunning space. This hallway bathroom contains a free-standing tub, a glass-enclosed stall shower and a one bowl sink with vanity. The shape of the floor tile, texture of the wood vanity and richness of the bronze fixtures really have a big impact.


This vanity, sink bowl, countertop and mirror, all purchased from Signature Hardware, lend a spa-like feel to this space. 


The soaking tub really makes this bathroom special. This tub, which is already something special, is taken to the next level with fixtures from the Trinsic Collection from Delta, all in Venetian Bronze.


Venetian Bronze plumbing fixtures make another appearance in this stall shower. Our partners at GlassWerkes provided the shower glass. 


Although it is so simple, the floor tile really makes a statement. Hamilton Parker provided the Rewind Peltro 8” x 8” hexagon tile in grey.


Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two neutrals really make an impact. We love the contrast of the grey hexagon floor tile with the white ice bright subway tile, both purchased from Hamilton Parker. 


The dark shower floor tile adds more drama to this space. You can find this tile, the Landmark Ceramics Shape Ancient Dark Mosiac, at Hamilton Parker. This smaller hexagon shape perfectly complements the larger floor tile. 

Interested in learning how we can transform the bathroom in your home? Contact us today to meet with one of our project managers. We’ll walk you through the steps to take your space from drab to dramatic.